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We combine a successful intervention technique with an excellent reputation in the field of crisis intervention. We work with only the best, offering complete and comprehensive family services to ensure that your loved one AND their family move onto a positive path.

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Case Management

Our Case Managers are experienced recovery professionals who know what the red flags are and what positive changes look like.  Our professionals support and monitor the recovery process.

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Family Class™

Connected by a fierce love, but not fused, the family unit fosters a new capacity for honesty and forgiveness, while releasing old blame, shame and guilt. Family Class helps families and friends establish new bonds with one another.


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Brad Lamm

Brad Lamm Featured on The Doctors

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How to Change any Habit

How to Change Any Habit

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"I founded Change Inc to help the toughest cases accept help. NO becomes YES with good, hard work. Let us show you how."

Brad Lamm, CIP


Feeling stressed about Your Quit? I get that. But for right now, all you need to do is this: Be willing to be willing to quit. That’s all. If you can, in this moment, be willing to be willing to quit as you turn these pages, you’ll come out the other side of these 4 Steps as the best kind of quitter there is: THE NON-SMOKING YOU.

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