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Change Inc exists to provide simple and effective pathways to positive life changing solutions. Change Inc continues to provide the newest breakthrough solutions involving crisis intervention, weight management, compulsive eating, smoking cessation, and chemical dependency using life changing techniques that will last a lifetime.

The very definition of change is the instance of becoming different. Change Inc strives to be the difference in your family’s life by using experience combined with groundbreaking healing methods and the newest approaches. Change Inc creates and improves specialty programs just for you, complete with on-going support systems that improve the quality of life while offering help to those who are struggling.

Our underlying philosophy is that love can move mountains and building a spiritual practice can illuminate even the darkest corners of our life. By casting aside shame, blame and guilt we make anew our canvas and learn to finger-paint all over again.

I founded Change Inc to help the toughest cases accept help. NO becomes YES with good, hard work. Let us show you how.

Brad Lamm, CIP

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