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Stop It – 4 Steps in 4 Weeks to Quit Smoking

Stop It – 4 Steps in 4 Weeks to Quit Smoking
Stop it! 4 Steps in 4 Weeks book cover

“I’ve written this book for one simple reason: I want to help you do just what I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of others do—including myself. I want to help you stop smoking and breathe in new ways. If you give me just 4 Weeks to take you through my proven 4 Steps—along with your 110% effort—you will quit smoking. Just like that.

I want you to live and love and thrive. I want you to be an amazing non-smoking version of you. I know firsthand just how overwhelming it can seem to break an addiction.

You are a beautiful creation. You deserve life.” – Brad Lamm

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

Feeling stressed about Your Quit? I get that. But for right now, all you need to do is this: Be willing to be willing to quit. That’s all. If you can, in this moment, be willing to be willing to quit as you turn these pages, you’ll come out the other side of these 4 Steps as the best kind of quitter there is: THE NON-SMOKING YOU. We will plan your quit, process your quit, go through a proper detox together and then on DAY 7, quit together.

In your story today, you are a smoker, but that’s about to change. Can you imagine that? That’s the beauty of the quit: the before (you as a smoker) and the after (you as a non-smoker). It’s the move from picking up this book and considering how you might begin Your Quit to actually doing it—plotting your next chapter after putting nicotine addiction behind you.

While you plan Your Quit over the next few days, you’ll bump against nicotine at every turn, as both physical and emotional cravings. When you light a smoky treat, nicotine receptors in your brain catch it and tell your brain to release dopamine, your body’s FEEL GOOD DRUG. The very thought of stopping this nicotine delivery routine increases anxiety in your heart, mind and body.

Four Steps in Four Weeks:

Hand to Mouth dives deep into each Step to uncover why we smoke and discover how we can Quit. Each Step is clear and concise while providing the reader with the resources necessary to Quit for good. The Steps may not be easy but they are simple to understand, and by using Brad’s proven method they will help you along Your Quit path.

You will learn how to Quit, manage your cravings, debunk the excuses, expand your definition of you, and pay it forward to solidify Your Quit in you, your community, and your future.

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