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World Intervention Day: An Invitation to Change

By Brad Lamm, CIP

World Intervention Day: An Invitation to Change

Dear Diary,

I want to change…you?!!




It’s the conundrum of every human who is dying on the inside over a loved one’s struggle with life and the things that make it rough. Addiction is a common intervention target. You may be familiar with the television show ‘Intervention,’ where an out of control addict is confronted by their family and friends to go to treatment. When I wrote my second book HOW TO HELP SOMEONE YOU LOVE: A NEW WAY TO INTERVENE, I heard countless questions on how what I do jived with AS SEEN ON TV.

Traditional intervention preaches you must trap to help. My approach uses an invitation based on family support that insists you don’t have to wait until your loved one hits the low of all lows to help them.

So on WORLD INTERVENTION DAY, consider who you might rub the right way, with an invitation of sorts. As a former addict myself, I have learned that by creating a firewall of strong, consistent care, you can implement a plan for change with a lasting effect.

This year, I am inviting the wounded and their support systems alike to join the conversation about motivating each other on the path to wellness. I’m not just talking about the drugs. Smokers, gamblers, compulsive overeaters, shopping addicts; anyone with a self-harming habit can be helped to accept help.

When you’re starting from a place of honesty and compassion, you are coming from a position of strength no matter how desperate you feel. At the end of your rope is hope…

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