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Family Class™

The family recovers strength and resilience thought to have been lost forever or impossible to achieve. Tools learned in Family ClassTM help families and friends succeed in establishing healthy boundaries between each other. Connected by a fierce love, but not fused, the family unit fosters a new capacity for honesty and forgiveness, while releasing old blame, shame and guilt.

Family Class Phases | Change Inc. A robust six-month program that provides ongoing support and education for families and loved-ones assists you in stepping out of your role as Cop, Banker, Apologist, Counselor, or other role that you have stepped into during crisis. You get to reclaim your healthy role as Wife, Husband, Parent, Friend, Brother, Sister. We provide a support system that is a consistent and reliable structure within which each family member grows, shares, discovers, and learns how to be the person they are meant to be in the family system. By removing the addiction and the behavior, we strip away blame, shame and guilt and get down to business rebuilding the family through honest, trusting relationships built on boundaries and healthy role modeling.

Family ClassTM gathers together family (of origin and choice); the voices that matter participate in this change-infused program each week. Our online classroom allows flexibility in technology, allowing family members to join online for a richer experience, or on the phone for an audio connection. Either way, your Family Class Leader works through six months of our curriculum that covers the information you need to understand things like addiction and codependency, while learning and practicing new skills in communication and boundary setting.


InterventionAs your family progresses through Family Class, often times we discover stories and beliefs that need more concentrated time together to work through, figure out, or re-frame. Our Family Matters Retreat helps families bond around recovery and work through the past to begin legacy building for the future. This three-day intensive takes place in your home or another location where everyone feels comfortable. While we know that everyone is busy and schedules are crowded, sometimes the biggest gift you can give to yourself and your family is the gift of time together to explore the nooks and crannies of your collective Battleground Beliefs, stories, and the things you believe about each other and yourself.

“Family Matters Retreat changes lives. Forever and for good.”

Brad Lamm, CIP

Each retreat is custom-tailored to the family’s needs, while following this flow:

Day 1 Introductions + Intentions: share hopes, fears, wishes and dreams

Family Map together to:

  • Explore History
  • Identify Trends
  • Conceptualize Legacy

Now Learn This:

  • Relax + Breathe Differently Through Time Together

Day 2 Gathering + Centering

Talk Talk: Emotional Regulation

Picture This: Characteristics of a Healthy Family

Family Map: Take II:

  • Picture the Past
  • ID the Present
  • Create the Future

Day 3 Gathering + Centering

Check In: Food, Mood + Fact

Trauma 101 and Multi-Generational Impact

Commitment to Self


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