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Food + Weight

Food can be a real struggle for people. The hardest part of it all is that we need food to survive. Where a drug addict can practice full abstinence, a food addict cannot. So this road to recovery has a few more twists and turns in it, but we have designed a program that really works. If you are committed to change, then we can help. A lot of hard work, determination, and good, solid spirit work will get you from binging to better in no time.

Another struggle can be that of the bulimic, the anorexic, or the compulsive exerciser. There’s a methodology we use for each, combined with a powerful and personalized approach. We don’t believe in the extreme calorie restriction and exercise regime to lose 20 pounds a day. We believe in a slow, steady pace that addresses food, mood, fact and fiction. Our program is infused with our own Family ClassTM program that allows the family to heal as a whole, while strengthening the foundation of recovery.

Our assistance program works with you to develop a structured food and weight-loss program that not only helps you change what, when and how you eat, but most importantly why you eat. We uncover your Battleground Beliefs and explore your heart, head, and genes.

just10lbsWe base our program on Brad Lamm’s book Just 10 LBS: a simple and effective 90-day program that enables you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. We start with the attainable goal of losing just ten pounds at a time. Here’s the steps:

  • A holistic and healthy way to lose weight
  • Setting a Change Agreement
  • Daily check-in calls and food commitments
  • Body and Family Mapping Projects
  • Personalized Workbooks
  • Daily journaling
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Deep spirit-focused work
  • Weekly meetings with your own Personal Change Coach
  • 12-Step meetings and support groups

Another approach that we recommend is a Breakfree Journey. Often times the remedy is some fresh air, an adventure, and some deep soul-searching and spirit-infused work.

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