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It can be challenging to help a loved one struggling with alcoholism, prescription drug problems, an eating disorder or other destructive behavior. Addictions don’t discriminate and it has an impact on all people – no one is immune. People who struggle with addictive behaviors are often in denial about their situation, and usually unwilling to seek treatment. Most times they can’t even see the negative effects their behavior has on their own lives, much less the lives of those around them including children, siblings, spouses, partners and parents.

A professional intervention can be a powerful way for a family member, colleague or friend ignoring or denying their current lifestyle choices to change. At one time there was a belief that people couldn’t be helped unless they “hit bottom”. We’ve changed that belief one intervention at a time. Our primary goal is to help your loved one before he or she “hits bottom”. If we can interrupt the cycle of addictive behavior before everything is lost, wouldn’t that be better for everyone? We think so.

We combine our proprietary intervention method, called the BreakFree Intervention, with an excellent reputation in the field of crisis intervention. Our services come complete with a certified interventionist and a comprehensive family service plan to ensure that your loved one AND your family gets on a path to change your lives. For good.

We help families do what you can’t do on your own. With respect, love and hope.

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You start by gathering information. You start by doing what you are doing right now!

Begin with reading addiction information on reputable websites and books on addiction recovery. Open up and begin talking to others, by sharing and getting the help you need. You begin by adding tools to your toolkit.

You have already started. You are here.

If you’re tired of watching your spouse, child, relative, or best friend go downhill, dragging you with them, our team can help you turn their lives around. You don’t have to endure behavior that is unhealthy, abusive, and possibly deadly that threatens to unravel relationships. You can change it.

Many well-meaning friends, books, “experts” and websites will tell you that you can’t change anyone. They advise you to not even try. The problem is, they ignore the tremendous power you actually have to change people. Our BreakFree Intervention method is different. You have the power to change your spouse, your children, your relatives, your in-laws, your coworkers, and your friends; but most of us don’t know how to tap into it.

While most information about change is written for the addict or troubled person, the BreakFree Intervention method reaches out to the loved ones of that person— loved ones who know that change is critical and urgent. We offer you a one-of-a-kind set of tools to help you put aside so much of the conventional nonsense about not intervening, not seeking to control the universe, or better yet: not creating a co-dependent relationship.

Instead, we will help you make thoughtful, cool-headed, loving, lifesaving decisions to intervene and initiate change. Together we can show you how.

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Many of us have a loved one, a family member, or a close friend who finds himself or herself in trouble and needing help. Allow me to share with you some proof of this, gathered from government data, addiction centers, national surveys, and health organizations: 

  • 1 in 6 Americans report that they “drink too much,” while 1 in 20 say they have problems with extreme drinking. 
  • 1 in 38 Americans have an eating disorder. One out of 10 are men; 9 out of 10 are women. 
  • 1 in 43 Americans have a gambling problem. 
  • 1 in 15 Americans regularly use illicit substances. 
  • 1 in 20 Americans are currently dealing with depression. 
  • 1 in 5 American adults smoke cigarettes.
  • 1 in 13 Americans suffer from an unhealthy Internet dependency.

These are mind-boggling numbers by any standards!

Looking over these startling statistics makes you wonder: Why do people do things that they know are harmful, or deadly?

There are numerous reasons why people do harmful things to themselves, including peer pressure, stress, boredom, thrill seeking, depression, adolescent rebellion, family breakups, economic stress, relief from emotional or physical pain, and being out of touch with one’s own spiritual balance and inner harmony. If a drug like alcohol, cocaine, or tobacco is involved, and you ask people why they do it, they will give you different answers. “I enjoy it.” “It perks me up.” “It calms me down,” and so on. Be it conscious or unconscious, dangerous or not, people do what they do for many reasons.

The most difficult question for us is: Should we step in or step aside?

It’s normal to be hesitant when trying to help friends or family members engaged in troublesome or destructive behavior. You don’t want to intrude, but you want to do what’s in their best interest, especially when people are seen as hurting themselves or others.

If you can’t decide to say something or walk away, to interrupt or quietly leave it alone; but something in your gut, your conscience, your heart is telling you different? Give us a call. We can talk through the situation with you, explore your options, and make the best decision for you and your loved one.

Call today to find out: 800-763-1597. We’re here to answer your questions and we support you in making the best decision for everyone involved.

When it comes right down to it, we successfully interrupt a destructive behavioral crisis with a powerful invitation to change. We succeed in moving your loved one to accept the help he or she needs. We specialize in helping the “toughest cases” recover. We build a Change Plan that tends to all of your loved one’s needs; it is custom tailored to their specific situation. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach: this is about you and our individualized time and attention to what counts most: your family.

We prepare the group of family and friends for the intervention work through rounds of interviewing. We get to know you, your situation, and your loved one’s history so we can create and study your Family Map, so we can all be ready for the work we will do together.

The intervention begins with an invitation to your loved one – to participate in a family meeting. With that invitation, change begins.

We know that you – the family and friends – have unmatched power! No matter how you feel, this fact is true. Founder Brad Lamm is a Certified Intervention Professional, his work makes use of a kinder, gentler invitation, which begins change and colors everything we do as a team. Our team assists your group in beginning dynamic change; right here and right NOW. We offer to all our intervention clients the same fundamentals that matter:

BreakFree Intervention Engagement of up to six-months
Spiritual Support as part of our ongoing engagement
Family Class that adds weekly support
A “Call Us Anytime” Pledge
The nagging fear of whether or not your loved one will begin real change might be helped by our own real statistics which tell us that more than 90% of those with whom we work, DO begin a significant program of change (usually rehab of some sort). We educate, organize, then rally the BreakFree Intervention team. We invite your identified loved one (the ILO) into the process. We engage him or her to shift their resistance and begin to acceptance real change.

We don’t give up, nor do we back down. Once scheduled, your Primary Interventionist and our team will walk through the intervention every step of the way. We are not a “one-day miracle” but instead a bridge back to life over our long term engagement. We rally to begin the change up front, then stay engaged as a group to nurture lasting change.

The BreakFree Intervention Process

In the simplest terms, the BreakFree Intervention looks like this:

BreakFree Intervention Team prepares for the actual process; including treatment facility selection and insurance benefit information,  prior to inviting your loved one to join us.

The Family Meeting – where we gather as a group, with the identified loved one, to begin the BreakFree invitation to change process (this is the “intervention” as most view it).

Change Plan – Oftentimes therapy, programs of some kind including Outpatient or Inpatient (rehab) followed by AfterCare with the BreakFree Team working the Change Plan for six-months.

AfterCare – Our AfterCare program continues to enable change, working to begin subtle and not-so-subtle change in the entire group – the family, the friends and the newly recovering. A gentle adjustment in direction, over time, brings one to a completely different destination.

AfterCare equips iTeam members with tools to experience change as well, while putting in place a plan for their loved one. We work to answer the questions of “what now?!”

AfterCare is the process by which the BreakFree Team stays connected in regularly scheduled, weekly Family Class sessions (via telephone and the internet where possible) to promote lasting change. Practiced with determination and consistency, the work we do as a group is life changing.

Our Intervention Statistics

BreakFree Intervention works. When we share treatment delivery statistics of 91%, they are based on our own numbers. The great majority will enter a program of recovery through our work. This makes treatment selection critically important.

Many states have no licensing requirements for treatment. Nearly anyone can put out a shingle along with a ‘TREATMENT’ sign in the window – then begin accepting clients. Not all treatment is equal.  Like when we have a friend who is quite ill, we help get the best treatment available. This goes for addiction treatment too. The best internet marketers are most often not equally skilled at providing treatment.

Our treatment recommendations are based on the needs of the client, never because of any “referral fee” from a particular treatment facility.

Treatment statistics found on the internet include a wide array of options – including methadone clinics, and many court-mandated lock-down facilities. Our stats are based on long-term client statistics from our own tracking.

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