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Sober Companion

Sober Companion Change IncOur Sober Companions are highly trained to provide ethical, reliable, and individualized supervision for a client who is just out of treatment, experienced a recent relapse on sobriety, or is struggling to maintain a sober path. We provide the continuing care necessary to break the habit of the habit and move forward on a healthy path to life-long sobriety.

What this means is that your family and friends no longer fill the role of banker, guardian, punisher or babysitter. They get to resume their original role of mother, sister, husband or boss. We step in and take over teaching life skills, accountability to yourself and your recovery plan, and most importantly your sobriety.

Our services are tailored to fit your recovery plan, your needs and goals, your commitment to walking the walk, and support to follow your routine and daily schedule while meeting the expectations life has. Some clients require 24/7 companionship while others require less; we work with you to determine the very best plan necessary to see results, and to shore up the banks of your journey. Our team’s only goal is to support you 100% while infusing skills to stick to your recovery plan.

Sober Companion services are usually included in our Case Management services, however, together we will explore your exact needs to put a plan in place that meets your needs as well as your family’s.

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