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Richard Dow, RAS, CPC

Rich Dow, RAS, CPC | Change Inc.

Director of Operations

A long and diverse career, Richard has been preparing for his role as Operations Director at Change Inc for decades. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, his drive for success has always been evident. An innate and sincere desire to help others has allowed Richard to touch the hearts of suffering addicts and their families; to help guide them through difficult, life changing decisions.

In recovery himself, Richard has learned that the professional drive that has motivated him for years is an energy that can be focused and directed to helping others understand their own addiction and reclaim their lives. In the moment of crisis, worry, or fear, Richard is a calm and empathetic voice of consolation; instilling trust and hope immediately.

As a registered addiction specialist and professional coach, Richard has the knowledge and experience to help even the most difficult and resistant cases with love and compassion. If you ask Richard he will tell you that beneath the misunderstood actions and cycles of destructive behaviors of our loved ones that are struggling with addiction, lies sensitive, caring people with the ability to change. This belief fuels his ongoing journey of unwavering hope.

Richard’s professional path has garnered him the experience of eight years of varying levels of addiction and recovery care including detox, residential inpatient, intensive outpatient, private and group therapy, as well as interventions and help lines. On the side of family recovery, Richard has worked with hundreds of families through client case management and family support for the recovery of the entire family. On the business side of recovery, Richard has been involved with the design and launch of wellness centers across the country, understanding the heart and soul of the business is its most valuable asset. Prior to working in the recovery area, Richard was a business partner, custom carpenter, construction foreman and business owner.

“In all of my experiences, I am honored to find my place in the Change Inc family in such a pinnacle role. The fact that I am able to be the first person a mom, sister, husband, or coworker speaks with in their time of chaos and struggle keeps me humble. It is an honor to share my experience and hold families in a safe place that understands their struggle while ensuring them that it can change, and they can get better.”

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